KingQuad 300

Still one of New Zealand's Favourites!

Early starts, late rides home, day in and day out. The KingQuad 300 gets the job done and more. Whether you’re bringing the cows in to milk, or just chasing a herd down from the back of beyond, this rugged quad tackles it all. 

KingQuad 300 has been around since the early nineties and with solid refinements has stood the test of time on New Zealand farms.

Abundant low-mid range torque and the unique versatility of a 3-speed sub-transmission with high, low and super-low ranges means there’s a gear for every situation. The three drive modes – 2WD, 4WD and front diff-locked 4WD – are all easily accessed via control levers just forward of the seat.

This longest-selling farm ATV on the market is still a firm favourite.